Who Can Participate?

Kenken International Championship - UAE edition is open for all students from grade 3/year 4 and above. Register today to win and be the next Kenken World Champion!

How to Register?

Register Online

You can register online through our website by paying the KIC 2023 School Level registration fee of AED 200 + VAT. Save Up to AED 50 with practice subscription *valid only at the registration time.

Experience our Championship:

● School Level:AED 200
● Emirates Level: AED 350
● National Level: AED 450
● International Level
Build your way to the top with Affordable pricing, maximum excitement. Register now only at 200 AED! Unleash your potential and compete globally.

When will It take Place?

Exam Dates

● The School Level exam is held 30 days after registration.
● The Emirates Level exam will be held in the last week of October 2023.
●The National Level exam will be held in November 2023.
● The International level date will be held in December 2023.
* All dates are subject to change.


Everyone is a winner! Throughout the championship, participants will win certificates, medals, trophies, and much more!

Selection Criteria

Accuracy & Speed

The Selection Criteria for the KIC2023 Competition (all rounds) will be based on accuracy as well as speed. The Selection criteria will be maximum marks scored in the minimum amount of time.

How to Prepare

Through Kenken Training Program, Online Practice Subscription & Books

Being good at solving Kenken puzzles requires regular practice and constant mentoring. Kenken Training Program provides you just that! It involves regular weekly classes, constant guidance from your mentor and the right training material to help you ace the championship rounds successfully.


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