Kenken Brain Development Program is a year-long comprehensive program designed to help your child succeed in KIC, and beyond by improving their concentration, perseverance, numeracy, and logical skills through the fun way of Kenken.

Why does your child need the Kenken Brain Development Program?

Mental speed, concentration, perseverance, photographic memory are some of the most valuable assets in your life to be successful. The Kenken math puzzle trains the brain to build upon these skills, which puts your child at an advantage under circumstances where split-second actions or decisions are required.

Kenken puzzle with its unique and fun approach of arithmetic and logical reasoning challenges your child to practice and demonstrate their mental ability through an International platform, the Kenken International Championship. Participants from across the globe participate in this world’s largest math puzzle competition to solve Kenken with accuracy and speed and win exciting rewards every year.

Mastering accuracy and speed in Kenken or focus and perseverance doesn’t come overnight, participants need consistent practice and the right mentorship from day one! So, to get the maximum benefits out of Kenken, such as mental speed, focus, perseverance, and to achieve better results in the Kenken competition and beyond, we recommend that you join our Kenken Brain Development Program now and let the magic begin!

Kenken Brain Development Program provides your child with:
  • Important Strategies and techniques to build accuracy and speed
  • Constant mentoring from our Kenken experts to overcome learning difficulties
  • Help them improve their focus and perseverance
  • Improve their photographic memory through consistent practice
  • Develop Critical thinking skills through observation, application, and analysis
  • Consistent practice with the right set of puzzles as per your exam category
  • Regular progress reports and personalized feedback to achieve better results

How does the Training Program work?


How will the classes take place?

Kenken Training Program is a year-long program (48 sessions) with one class every week. Your child will attend a live online class through Zoom, once a week. (1 hour session) with one of our Kenken mentors. Your child will be given undivided attention with one-on-one sessions to make the training most effective.


What will be the timings?

Timings on weekdays are after school hours and weekends from morning to evening. Once you sign up for the Training Program, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions to choose your schedule on your Student Portal. To view the tentative schedule, click here.


What training materials will be provided?

In each class students will have access to an Online puzzles worksheet specific to their personalized level and exam category. Training Materials with important strategies and worksheets will be also available through your Student Portal.


How will I be able to track my child’s progress?

You will have a regular report for your child’s improvement in accuracy and speed. You will also have a detailed review with the mentor periodically to review performance for your child and how to adjust the future learning goals.

Fee Structure

Choose Your Preferred Plan

Hassle Free Cancellation Any Time

*25% OFF valid till 13th July 2024

Terms of Training Classes:

  • Auto-Payments will be charged on your debit/credit card every billing cycle for one year as per the first payment date. You can cancel bookings at any time and your card will not be charged from the next billing date.
  • After booking you will get an email to choose your weekly schedule. The schedule must be confirmed within two days, any delay will result in the lapse of one class every week.
  • A consistent schedule is mandatory for effective progress, and classes must be attended every week.
  • Any rescheduling or cancellation of a class is only possible two days prior to the class date and must be notified through email at
  • If you are absent from the class without prior notification, there will be no opportunity for a makeup session, and the class will be considered lapsed.

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