About Us

Kenken International Championship (KIC) is the world’s largest math puzzle championship. Kenken is recognized by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in the USA, which is the world's largest math organization. It is recognized as a powerful tool to build reasoning skills, problem-solving aptitude, perseverance, and mental stamina. Kenken is featured in more than 200 newspapers worldwide.

Kenken puzzle was invented by a Japanese math teacher, Tetsuya Miamoto and it consists of numbers in grids with mathematical operations.

95% of Students who join the Kenken program in their early childhood show quick decision making skills, enhanced focus, better memory, and achieve outstanding results in academics and logical reasoning based competitions.

KIC is in line with the UAE's mission to improve TIMSS and PISA scores.


Our mission is to lead and support the learning community in building the best foundation for children from ages 7 to 17.


Our vision is to empower young minds and unlock their minds' full potential through Kenken puzzles. We strive to support our students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute to the global world.

Our Partners

RootStalk Learning Solutions FZ LLC is the UAE’s official partner to organize the Kenken International Championship in the GCC and MENA Region.

Accredited by STEM.org, Rootstalk has engaged over 500,000 students through Kenken International Championship (KIC) and over 4000 students through STEAM and Entrepreneurship programs all over the UAE.

We also gather our strength from our 300+ partner schools all around the UAE.