How Kenken Help Students?

A Survey by 2000+ Teachers Worldwide

Perseverance 75.38%
Logical Thinking 96.62%
Problem Solving 83.77%
Concentration 58.50%
Self Confidence 44.63%
Cooperation / Teamwork 39.61%

A simple grid-based numerical puzzle that uses the basic math operations-addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while also challenging your logic and problem-solving skills. In a way, KENKEN is like a game of pool or even chess. The more you think ahead to your next move and consider all the possible outcomes, the better you’ll get—and the smarter you’ll become!

  • Develops Perseverance & Problem Solving Skills
  • Develops Logical Reasoning and Mental speed
  • Improves Photographic Memory & Focus
  • Medals, Trophies, Certificates & More
  • International Championship with 500,000+ participants
  • Improves Numeracy Skills


Parents' Feedback

KenKen has been an absolute blessing for my child's math skills! It's engaging, challenging, and has significantly improved their problem-solving abilities. I'm amazed at how it seamlessly combines fun and learning. Thank you, KenKen, for making math enjoyable and beneficial for my child!

-joel barboza

I can't thank KenKen enough for the positive impact it has had on my child's maths journey. The puzzles are brilliantly designed, keeping them motivated and excited to solve them. It's incredible to see how KenKen has boosted their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. I wholeheartedly recommend KenKen to all parents looking to make maths a delightful experience for their children.

- Susan Clancy-Kelly

Roadmap to Excellence!

Championship Stages
*KenKen UAE reserves the right to change the exam mode, date, or venue of the competition in any unforeseen circumstances.
*Note: 5% VAT is exclusive of the above mentioned fee.

Prepare to win!

Add-Ons Preparation Resources

Puzzle Practice Subscription

Get 160+ puzzles every month in the form of daily, weekly, and bonus challenges specially curated as per your championship difficulty level, detailed performance reports, and valuable insights to fuel your preparation.

Upgrade your Kenken Practice Subscription for just AED 200 one-time fee (less than AED 17 per month). Or grab the Kenken Practice Subscription Complete Plan at the time of registration, save AED 50, and pay only AED 150!

KBD Classes

KenKen is not just about puzzle championship. It's a comprehensive Brain Development program designed to cultivate a range of essential life skills in your child.

Enrol today for a transformative Kenken Brain Development program (KBD) with One-On-One online interactive classes, personalised guidance, and support throughout your championship journey.


Recognized by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), USA, the world's largest educational organization, as a powerful tool to build reasoning skills, problem solving aptitude, perseverance and mental stamina in students.

Awards & Recognition

Everyone’s a winner!

Medals and certificates at EVERY level. All participants will receive at least a bronze medal and a certificate.

It’s time for you to shine!

Compete with the fastest and the best Kenken puzzlers across the globe to clinch the International Kenken title. Are you ready?

*Participants will receive further details to collect their physical awards post the competition.


We gather our strength from the support of our participating schools in the last 8 years. We cherish our relationship with them and appreciate their effort in introducing KenKen to the school community. We are honoured to engage with the most reputable schools in UAE and invite YOU to join this community !

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