• What is KenKen?

    KenKen is a math grid-based puzzle that uses all 4 numerical operatives, namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. One can alter the size of the grid between 3×3 and 9×9 and create infinite number of puzzles with varied levels of difficulty. It is a unique combination of number dexterity and combinatory skills while applying logical reasoning to arrive at a solution.

  • Where does KenKen originate from?

    The term originates from the Japanese word meaning cleverness. KenKen puzzle was created by a Japanese math teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto, who aimed to develop an instruction- free training method for the brain, in the form of a simple puzzle. KenKen trains the mind to think on its feet.

  • What is KenKen International Championship (KIC)?

    KIC is a multi-level championship for all age groups. The championship held in UAE specifically caters to school children. A student can advance to the next level by successfully solving KenKen puzzles of relevant difficulty within a stipulated time frame. The student competes with peers of the same age group at each level.

  • How is KenKen recognised worldwide?

    KenKen is recognised by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, USA (NCTM) which is the World’s largest mathematics education organisation. This organisation has recognised KenKen as an instructive skill that stimulates the mind to explore parity, counting, subsets and various problem solving strategies.

  • Who is the official partner for KIC in UAE?

    Rootstalk Learning Solutions FZ LLC is the exclusive and official partner for KenKen International Championship in UAE. With their head office in Dubai, they have branched out in all 7 Emirates to conduct KenKen school level exams.

  • What is the scale of the championship?

    In 2019, KIC is gearing up to host its 4th Edition in UAE. KIC received tremendous response in its inaugural year with 100 unique participating schools and 7000 students. In 2018, there was a wondrous boost in these figures with 300 schools and 25000 students participating in the championship. This year, with your support, we can put up an even bigger show.

  • Who can participate in the championship?

    ● A student can register as an individual candidate or a representative of his/her participating school.
    ● The student needs to be within the age group of 8-17 years which roughly includes all students from Grade 3- 12 or Year 4-13.

  • Why should my child participate in KIC? What are the benefits of KIC?

    ● KenKen combines plain mathematics with crucial skills like logical reasoning.
    ● Back in the classroom, it develops problem solving, reasoning and communication.
    ● Expose your child to a global platform where he/she interacts with peers from different schools and countries.
    ● It instills a sense of determination, confidence and resilience.
    ● Above all, KenKen is a fun way to do Math!

  • My child is not good at Math, should he/she participate in KIC?

    First of all, quit worrying! KenKen focuses on development of Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving skills in a child. These skills can only be acquired through practice and more practice. By introducing your child to KenKen, he/she will not only cultivate this proficiency but also develop an increased liking toward Mathematics as a subject in school. His/her performance in school is sure to improve with daily practice of KenKen.

  • My child is already great at Math. How will KIC benefit him/her further?

    Classroom mathematics can be limiting to your child’s abilities. KenKen further stimulates his/ her mind and develops Problem Solving and Logical Reasoning skills. These are beneficial soft skills that assist the child in other spheres of life as well.

  • How many countries participate in the International Championship?

    9 countries, namely, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi, India, Pakistan, UAE, USA, Japan and Egypt.

  • How many exams are held?

    There are 4 successive levels to the championship namely, School level, Emirate level, National level and International level. The child has to appear for 1 exam per level.

  • What are the dates of the competition?

    ● The School level exam is conducted from April to June as per the school’s convenience. For individual participants, the exam is held on the last Saturday of each month from April to July.
    ● Emirates level: 27th & 28th September 2018.
    ● National level: 2nd November 2018.
    ● International level: December 2018.
    * All dates are subject to change because of some unavoidable circumstances. In that case new dates will be disclosed and communicated well in advance.

  • Do these dates clash with school examinations?

    Our exams are conducted on weekends so it should not hinder school classes or exams.

  • What is the venue for the exams?

    ● School level: If the child is participating on behalf of his school, then the exam is held in his/her school.
    ● School level: If the child is an individual participant, the exam is conducted at a neutral venue in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The venue is disclosed and communicated well in advance.
    ● Emirates level: The exam will be conducted in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
    ● National level: The exam will be conducted Dubai.
    ● International level: The exam will be conducted in New York.
    * Exact location will be communicated 30 days prior to the exam via email.

  • What is the duration of the exam?

    Each exam is for 30 minutes.

  • Are the exams conducted online?

    No, these are pen-pencil exams. The Champion of the Champions round in the International level is an online exam.

  • If a student can’t be physically present for the exam, can he/she attempt it online instead?


  • Do all students appear for the same difficulty of puzzles?

    No. The level of difficulty increases with each successive level of the championship. There will be 6 puzzles of different sizes and difficulty levels depending on the category participants belong to.

  • Do all students of the same level solve one puzzle?

    Yes, all the students from same category solve same puzzles at the emirates and national level. For school level exams are different at each school.

  • How many puzzles does the student solve in each exam?

    There will be 6 puzzles of different sizes and difficulty levels depending on the category participants belong to.

  • What is the difficulty level at each stage of the competition?

    Details can be downloaded from here:
    ● Qualifying Level Exam Details
    ● Emirates Level Exam Details
    ● National Level Exam Details

  • What is the selection criteria at each level?

    Puzzles of different sizes have different scores. If the score that the student accrues corresponds to the qualifying criteria of that level, then he/she advances to the level of the championship!

  • How many students are selected to advance to the next level?

    ● School Level: Top 50 % participants are selected for the Emirate level competition.

    ● Emirate Level: Top 30 % of the school winners are selected for the National level competition.
    ● National Level: Top 20 students from all categories are declared National Level winners. Top student from each of the 6 categories qualifies for the International Level in New York.
    ● International Level: Each of the 6 categories has 1 Champion. They then compete for the Champion of the Champions round to decide the overall winner.

  • On what basis are students selected for the next level?

    Puzzles of different sizes have different scores. If the score that the student accrues corresponds to the qualifying criteria of that level, then he/she advances to the level of the championship!

  • How do I register for the competition?

    We accept online registrations on our website:
    You can also register by filling out the registration form at participating schools

  • Can I register individually and not as a representative of my school?

    Yes. In this case, you will have to register online on

  • What is the registration fee for the competition?

    AED 105 inclusive VAT and no other mandatory fee throughout the championship

  • Is there any additional fee apart from registration?

    Bootcamp and practice books used to boost your child’s performance can be purchased at an additional cost.

  • What are the steps that follow registration? How will I be informed of them?

    Once your child has registered for the championship, he/she will receive a Unique Registration ID via email along with shipment of a practice book. Following steps will be dictated as time proceeds and will be communicated via email regularly.

  • Do I have to pay additionally at every level of the competition?

    No, only at the time of registration.

  • Are there any early bird offers or discounts?

    No, sooner you register more time you get for practice.

  • How much practice is required to excel in KenKen?

    Minimum 20 minutes a day worth practice is required 3- 4 days a week. Your child can opt for the following methods of practice:
    ● Free Study Material: Upon registration, we will ship one free practice book to you. Along with this, there are many free practice videos available on our YouTube channel.
    KenKen Boot camps: held in various venues in UAE. Proved to be extremely beneficial. Learn more at our page:
    Practice books: Select from a host of practice books with different levels of difficulty. Learn more at our page:
    YouTube channel: We have free youtube channel where you can learn good practices to solve Kenken puzzles. Visit our channel:

  • Can I excel without KenKen specific practice?

    Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to success! We preach practice makes perfect!

  • How helpful are the bootcamps to excel in the competition?

    In 2018, students have had tremendous luck with their exam after attending the bootcamps. The bootcamp is an hour and a half intensive training course where the child is exposed to a competitive environment that prepares him/her for the exam day. Children learn many strategies, tips and tricks to excel in KenKen puzzles.

  • Do you provide any discounts on study material?

    Sometimes we do. The same will be informed through email.

  • Does the student receive a certificate of participation at the end of each level?

    A student will receive a medal and certificate for the last level that he/she qualifies. Thus, he/she will receive only 1 medal and certificate in the Championship. There is recognition for every student who participates in the Championship.

  • At which stage does a student receive cash prize?

    The top 3 rank holders from each category at the National level receive varied cash prizes.

  • What are the rewards and recognition offered at each stage?

    ● School level: Certificate of recognition and bronze medal.
    ● Emirate level: Certificate of achievement, and a silver medal.
    ● National level: Certificate of excellence, gold medal and a school trophy. Top 6 students also win an all expense paid trip to New York.

  • Do I get a medal/ certificate for each level as I advance to the next?

    A student will receive a medal and certificate for the last level that he/she qualifies. Thus, he/she will receive only 1 medal and certificate in the Championship.

  • How do I receive my medal and certificate?

    ● Felicitation Ceremony: This grand ceremony is conducted to felicitate top 120 students from all levels of the Championship and is attended by Dignitaries, parents and participants. There is an approximate audience of 500-600 people.
    ● For others: Your Certificate (Hard Copy) and Medal will be delivered at the school if your school is participating in the championship. Your school will issue the certificates and medal to you in a school assembly.
    ● For individual participants, your certificate and medal will be couriered to your address (within UAE). An additional shipment charge of AED 25 will be applicable in this case.

  • How do I attest the certificate I receive?

  • When is the trip to New York planned?


  • How many days are spent on the trip, including days of travel?

    Official trip is for 3- 4 days.

  • Do schools recognize this trip as academic and compensate for lost school attendance of the student?

    The trip is held in December, which is holiday season in UAE.

  • Who will bare the cost of the trip to New York?

    Top 6 winners will represent UAE at KIC 2018 in New York. All the expenses will be borne by Rootstalk Learning Solutions FZ LLC.

  • Are any aspects of the trip not covered by your company?

    Complete expenses for the student will be covered by Rootstalk Learning Solutions FZ LLC. We provide a lump sum amount to cover the cost of the trip which cover economy airfare, hotel and other expenses. Visa and any other legal requirements for the Visa need to be provided by the parents.

  • What is the criteria for selecting students for New York?

    Top 6 students, 1 from each category, with the highest score and least solving time in National level will be selected for the trip to New York.

  • Can parents of selected students travel with them to New York?

    Yes, parents may travel with their child to New York however, Rootstalk Learning Solutions FZ LLC will not cover for their expense.

  • What are the accommodation arrangements for students in New York?

    Usually Kenken USA team get a deal from one of the hotel near the venue and share the details with participants. It is up to parents if they want to book that hotel or any other.

  • When and where is the felicitation ceremony held?

    The Felicitation ceremony is held the following year in the month of February. This is held a neutral venue in Dubai. Dates are subject to change. We will inform you well in advance.

  • Who all are facilitated at the ceremony?

    Top 120 students from all levels of the Championship are felicitated at the ceremony.

  • If I do not qualify for the Emirates or National level, do I still get felicitated at the ceremony or can I collect my certificate sooner?

    In this case, we will issue you certificate of participation to the school.

  • When are the results for each level declared?

    ● Exam results are issued normally within 10 days of the exam day. The results are emailed at the registered email address along with the performance report. Results are released in the form of a detailed performance report only, answer sheets are not attached.
    ● Students and parents can also check the results from our website by clicking on the ‘Results’ section.
    ● We also send your result to your school if your school is participating in the championship.

  • Where are the results declared? Is it a common platform?

    The results are declared on the website as well as communicated via email to every student.

  • Is any student allowed to retake the exam?


  • What is a performance report? How is it helpful?

    Performance report is given when a child completes the Exam. It shows the marks obtained in each puzzle and other performance related categories.

  • What are the policies regarding these three scenarios?

    ● School level: Students/parents will have to inform us at least 2 days prior to the exam date ( If you postpone your exam then your exam will take place at a later date at a neutral place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We conduct this exam usually on the last Saturday of every alternate month.

    ● Emirates level: Students can request to change the exam dates between the two prescribed dates only. For this students/parents will have to send us an email within 7 days of receiving the admit card. Our team will try to accommodate the request if possible. If there is no seat on the desired date then we won’t be able to make the changes.

    ● National level: Students can request to change the exam timing only. For this students/parents will have to send us an email within 7 days of receiving the admit card. Our team will try to accommodate the request if possible. If there is no seat on the desired time then we won’t be able to make the changes.

    ● International level: No changes can be made.

  • How much advantage notice is required for these situations?

    For complete please refer to Question 1 of this section.

  • In case I miss my paper due to an emergency, do you refund my registration fee?


  • Is there an option to carry forward my registration fee to the next year, in case I miss my exam?


  • Does it make a difference if my school is not participating and I register individually?

    No. Your exams will be held in neutral locations and your certificates and medals will be shipped to your home address.

Parent & participant Speak

  • Dr. Savitha Shetty

    "Good effort in improving children’s knowledge and skills"

  • Vishnu Manohar

    "Good training materials. Frequent Correspondence and overall hats of to the team behind the KENKEN for the motivation and encouragement they give to the kids. "

  • Manish Verma

    "It was well organised and very good learning for parents and kids. This kind of competition keep students ready for future tournaments and keep them motivated. "

  • Rekha Nair

    "Well organised and systematic. ..the puzzles sent online were very useful, and I was overwhelmed to get a call from his mentor asking me about my sons' progress and encouraging me to motivate him...overall..great teamwork from you guys. "

  • Alvin poly

    "Kenken has took the UAE by storm and now it's time you register."

  • Rokesswaran

    "It was nice, and the kenken team really did a great job. They treated every student nicely and answered them politely with manners. "

  • Nancy Castelino

    "My child really enjoyed the Emirates round. The mock puzzles provided by KenKen every week helped my ward to face the Emirates round without any nervousness, and the event was well organised. "

  • Matteo Pagnotta

    "This was a fantastic opportunity for children as they experienced the atmosphere in a competition. "

  • Dr. Anup Uboweja

    "It was very well organised and an excellent environment to see peers (students) from different nationalities coming together for the competition, a truly International feel. "

  • Mir Mohammed Raza

    "It was a great experience, everything was well organised, and the paper was a little bit challenging compared to the first round. "

  • Mina

    "My daughter Nashmia age 10 loves solving the kenken puzzles!She enjoyed both the rounds and is eagerly waiting for the results. "

  • JamiliaElGaddal

    "It was wonderful because we didn't expect to find such No of people and Nationalities. The venue (University )was crowded but full of different activities and promoters. "

  • Babitha Saleel

    "KIC is very interesting maths puzzle, help to enhance the thinking capabilities of the children. The event was well organised and spotless. "

  • SamyaChahin

    "The follow up by the organiser encouraged my son a lot. Kenken is an excellent opportunity for our kids. I would really love to see more similar events with the same quality. "

  • Edmond Peter

    "It was really wonderful, and the practice for test has improved my son's mental calculation ability."

  • Vishakha

    "My child had a thrilling and exciting time...right from the practice till this level. Way to go...applaud... "

  • Neha malik

    "It is a great platform and motivation for the child to enter the competitive world. "

  • Sriraman

    "Really good opportunity for children to improve life skills."

  • Shenba Vishwanath

    "It's a fun way to improve mathematics, and my son enjoys very much doing it. "

  • Praveen K Cherian

    "Such activities help children bring out their best. It was indeed a very refined approach to showcase their calculative mind and effectiveness in getting things done. "

  • Neha malik

    "It is a great platform and motivation for the child to enter the competitive world."

  • Sriraman

    "Really good opportunity for children to improve life skills."


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