We are glad to announce the third edition of the Kenken International Championship. Registrations for KIC 2018 has begun, so why wait? Join the largest math puzzle championship in the UAE today!


This section is for those who have previously taken part in either KIC 2016 or KIC 2017!

We thank you for your continued interest in Kenken Puzzles. You have made KIC the largest championship in the UAE. Kudos to all!
We would like to welcome you to our brand new edition, Kenken International Championship 2018!
To reward your continued support for the championship, we are offering a 30% Loyalty Discount on your championship registration fee.
All you have to do is fill in your Name and KIC Registration ID to proceed to the registration page where you can avail this discount and become a part of KIC 2018.

Promotion Terms & Conditions

This offer is only available for students who have previously participated in the Kenken International Championship
You will need to provide your KIC Registration ID to avail this offer
This offer does not include a Free Kenken Practice Book


This section is for those who are registering for KIC for the first time!

Hi Newbies,
Welcome to the fascinating world of Kenken Puzzles!
Over the course of this year, you will be dedicating a significant portion of your grey matter navigating through these fantastic puzzles and pitting yourself against other students throughout the UAE.
So brace yourselves and dive headlong into the competitive world of Kenken International Championship 2018!

Register today and get the Free Kneken Puzzle Book.

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