KIC 2016 is an international level math puzzle championship being conducted throughout the UAE, in all seven Emirate.
The following document lists out all the rule and guidelines along with the terms and conditions for the Championship for the year of 2017.

Participation Criteria

All students from Grade 3/Year 4 to Grade 12/Year 13 are allowed to participate in Kenken International Championship.

Students not matching this criteria will not be allowed to participate in the Championship. Once a student has registered for the Championship, they will not under any circumstances be able to register again for that year’s Championship.

Championship Structure

Round 1: School Level Round

February 2017 to August 2017

This is the first qualifying round of the Championship. A participant can take the exam for this round, either through his/her school or through any one of our associated exam venues.

Round 2: Emirate Level Round

September, 2017

This is the qualifying round for the National level. Emirate level rounds will be held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

All the selected students from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm AL Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah will take their exams in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi and Al Ain participants will take their exams in Abu Dhabi.

Round 3: National Level Round

October, 2017

The final round where the Kenken Champions for UAE are selected. The national round will be conducted in Dubai. All the Emirates level winner take this exam from Dubai.

Round 4: International Level Round

 December, 2017

Only for those selected as ‘1st’ in the National Level round. The round will take place in Manhattan, New York. The final UAE contingent will have 10 students.

Registration Process

This section highlights all the registration related rules for the Championship. Please go through it to get an understanding of all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to registering form Kenken International Championship.

Directly through their school

A participant can register directly through their school, by filling out the Registration Form that he/she must have received from the schools. This option is only applicable if the concerned school is participating in the Championship, and is conducting the School Level Round exam in their premises.

Usually the Kenken UAE Team would have conducted a demonstration session at the school and handed out the Registration Forms as well as the Championship Pamphlets.

Register Online

A participant can register directly throung the website. There are two options for online registration:

  1. If your school is participating in the Championship, then you should see the name of your school reflecting in the “Register at School” segment of the Online Registration Form. Refer the picture below:
  2. If your school is not getting reflected there or if you have come to know about the Championship form one of our Associated Partners, then you can register through the “Register at an Associated Exam Venue” segment of the Online Registration Form. Refer the picture below:

Through an associated exam venue partner

For all other students who want to take part in the Round 1 exams. The Round 1 exams will be at neutral exam venue across the UAE throughout the months of May, June, July and August.

Anyone who wants to participate in the Championship will be informed about the time, date and location and participate can take their exam there.

Registration Fee and Refund Policy

Kenken International Championship has a one time registration fee of AED 100.

The registration fee is non-refundable.

Reference Booklet and Student Materials

Every participant who registers for the Championship by paying the registration fee will receive a Championship reference booklet. This booklet is same for participants from all age groups. This reference booklet introduces the participant to the Kenken Puzzles.

  • Students registering directly through their school will receive this reference material from their schools.
  • Students registering online will have to pay AED 20 for the shipment charges, and the reference material will be delivered to their doorsteps.

Note: The AED 100, paid for the Championship Registration only includes 1 reference booklet.

Kenken UAE in collaboration Kenken International and Tetsuya Miyamoto have developed a host of other official practice books and Kenken strategies books for various age groups. These books are only available online from our official Kenken shop at //

Participants can choose to purchase these practice books for effective practice and better preparation before taking their exams. All books range between AED 40 to AED 150.



Exam Details

Please access the exam details of the particular rounds by visiting these links.

Note: Puzzles will be allotted in the exam according to the participant’s age groups.

National Level Round

Please contact the Kenken UAE team after Emirates round, for the same.

International Level Round

Selection Criteria

School Level/Preliminary Round

The selection in this level is based on collective performance. We try to select 30% to 50% of students from each age group. It is only based on the accuracy of the participants. Sometime our selection ratio crosses 50% if most of the students have performed exceptionally well.

However the selection ration will never drop below 30%.

If you want an in-depth description of the selection procedure of this round, please contact the Kenken UAE Team.

Emirate Level Round

The selection in this level is based on accuracy as well. We will select the Top 30% from each age group.

National Level Round

In this round, Accuracy (Marks) as well as Time will play a part. Each student will be given thirty (30) minutes to solve six (6) puzzles. Students who score maximum marks, in the least amount of time will be the winner.

We will select three (3) students as winners from each Age Group. Thus, there will be a total of thirty (30) students who will be crowned the National Level Winner (the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of each seven (7) Age Groups).

Kindly note that in this method of selection, the priority is marks followed by the time. Thus, maximum marks, minimum time.

The topper (1st) of the each Age Group will get a chance to go to New York and participate in the International Level Round.

International Level Round

The 1st winner of the National Level from all age groups will represent UAE at the International level in New York. There will be a total of 7 students in this level.

The 7 students will participate with the National Level winners of all the other participant countries in two rounds.

  1. Age Group Round: In this round there will be 3 rounds of puzzling. Round 1 will be 15 minutes, Round 2 will be 18 minutes, and Round 3 will be 20 minutes. The grid sizes and difficulty levels of the puzzles will increase with each subsequent round.
    Scoring will be based on accuracy and speed. The scores will be calculated as follows:
  • 1000 points will be awarded for each successfully completed puzzle
  • “Time bonus” points for speed will be calculated as follows:
    • Total possible “time bonus” points per round equals the time limit in minutes for the round multiplied by 10. For example, Round 1 is 15 minutes, so the total possible “time bonus” points is 150 5 “time bonus” points are deducted for every 10 seconds of solving time as the clock counts down to 00:00
  • The top cumulative score within each age category after all 3 rounds will deemed the Champion of that age category.


  • Champion of Champion Round: He or she will then advance to compete in a “real time” solving competition against the winners of the other age categories. A single large, pre-printed puzzle board (likely an 8×8 or 9×9) will be set up on an easel for each age group Champion in front of the audience.


The tournament will end when two contestants complete the puzzle correctly. The age group Champion who completes the puzzle in the shortest amount of time will be crowned the “International Student KenKen Champion”.

Examination Standard

The difficulty of Kenken Puzzles can be divided in a scale of 1 to 10. Every Level of the Championship will have puzzles of increasing difficulty and grid size. All puzzle difficulty will be assigned according to the age group of the participant.

Puzzles will all mathematical operators will be used in the Championship. Only for certain schools exceptions will be made for Grade 3 or Year 4 students when it come to the division operator. However, this exception will only be applicable till the School Level Round. The child has to learn the division operation for the Emirates Level Round.

Examination and Marking Guidelines

  1. Only pencils can be used to solve the puzzles in all the exam levels.
  2. For rough work, only the blank side of the question paper shall be used. There should be no rough work on the puzzle sections of the question paper.
  3. All puzzles should be neatly solved, overwriting should be avoided. If in any box the student has to change the previously filled number, they have to properly erase that number and neatly write the new number within that box itself.
  4. Numbers written outside the puzzle space will not carry any mark.
  5. All puzzles will be evaluated however, only complete puzzles will be marked.
  6. All puzzles are corrected in two stages. The paper goes through one judge and then a second judge who confirms the result.

Announcement of Results

School and Emirates Level Round

All results for these rounds will be announced after seven (7) working days from the date of the exam.

All results will be announced in the form of an official email to the participants directly. The participant’s respective school will also be informed of the same, to maintain transparency.

Kenken UAE will not be sending the marks of either the selected or, the not-selected students for these rounds. If any participant wishes to know their marks, they would need to write an official email at requesting the same. The Kenken UAE Team will then then 2-3 working days to revert back.

National Level Round

The National Level marks and time will be released in ten (10) working days from the date of the exam. The marks and timing of only the selected students will released to them. Un-selected students will not receive their marks and timing from our end.

However, if someone wishes to know their marks and timing, they would need to write an official email at requesting the same. The Kenken UAE Team will then then 2-3 working days to revert back.

International Level Round

Marks and timings of the respective Age group rounds at the International Level will be announced as the rounds get over, since they are elimination rounds.

The Champion of the Champion will take place in front of gusts and a panel of judges, so the result will be known instantaneously.


School Level Round

There will be no rechecking done on the exam paper in this round. Kenken UAE is not liable to disclose the marks of any students.

Selected students, will be sent a detailed performance report, to give them a better perspective of how they performed.

If an Unselected student wishes to know their performance, they would need to send in an official request by writing an email to The email should contain their KIC Unique Registration ID, Name and School Name.

Emirates Level Round

Rechecking of the answer paper is possible in this round, although Kenken UAE assures the participants that the same stringent procedures in checking will be followed.

If any student wishes their exam papers to be rechecked, they would need to visit the ‘Student Services’ section in the Homepage and follow the instructions mentioned there.

Note: There is an Administrative Fee that participants will need to pay to get their exams rechecked.

National Level Round

The same procedure and cost applies for the National Level Round rechecking of the exam paper.

Late and Absentee Rules

Just like any other International Championship, rules for being late and absent for the exams are stringent for Kenken International Championship.

School Level Round

For those students taking the exam in their school premises, Kenken UAE will not conduct a re-exam for those students who are absent on the day of the exam.

If a participant has a genuine problem and informs the Kenken UAE Team beforehand by writing to an exception can be made on case by case basis.

Late candidates will be allowed to take the exam till 15 minutes since the beginning of the exam. Any latter and the candidates will be considered absent. He/She must then write to to request a re-exam and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Emirates Level Round

For the Emirates Level Round a student who is absent will not be allowed to re-appear for the exam.

In case of an emergency a student can contact the Kenken UAE Team by calling us at 04-5519406/28 or writing us an official email at The Kenken UAE Team reserves the right to make case by case exception.

The classroom door will close 10 minutes before the official time of the exam starts. A student has to be inside the exam classroom before that time. Students will not be allowed to enter ones the exam begins.

National Level Round

In this round there is no scope for a re-exam if the student is absent or late.

International Level Round Information

The International Level Round will take place on the 18th of December, 2016. The Age group rounds will begin from 10 AM in the morning and the event will wind up by 4 PM in the evening.

The venue of the International Level Round will in downtown Manhattan, New York. The exact details of the location will be sent to all participants by email/SMS and the Google Map Links will be shared in due course of time.


The UAE contingent will leave from Dubai (DXB) airport in December, 2017. Winners from other Emirates would need to arrange their own transport to Dubai International Airport. The exact Time and Terminal Details will be sent to participants via email and SMS.

The flight will be from DXB to either JFK or EWR (Newark Airport).

Parent/s can accompany the participants, however they will have to bear their own flight, living and boarding expenses. Kenken UAE is only liable to cover the participant’s expenses.

If parent/s are accompanying the participants they need to inform the Kenken UAE Team of their plans prior to November 15th, 2017. Same applies for parents who want to make their travel plans separately and not with the UAE Kenken Contingent. This will allow the Kenken UAE to plan the travel and stay accordingly.

Parents informing later than the aforementioned date will have to make their own arrangements.


The Kenken UAE Team along with Kenken USA will arrange either Hotel Rooms (of at least 3 Star rating) or cosy Airbnb Rooms for the participants.

Participants will stay in either doubles or triple bed rooms. Parents can choose to stay in the same Hotel or Airbnb.

Parents wishing to make their own lodging arrangement separate from the UAE Kenken Contingent, will have to inform the Kenken UAE Team about their plans prior to November 10th, 2017. This will allow the Kenken UAE to plan the stay accordingly.

Parents informing later than the aforementioned date will have to make their own arrangements.


The UAE Kenken Contingent will remain in New York for the nearly 4 days adjacent to the championship date.

Depending on when we land, the first day we will directly go to the accommodation.The evening is free for the participants to travel and take in the sights of New York. The entire next day will be booked for the International Level Round, this evening is also free for the participants to take in the sights.