World Champion Series by Aritro Chatterjee (Two Times world Champion)

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“Kenken World Champion Series” book by Aritro Chatterjee, (Two Times World Champion). He has written this book to share his important tips and techniques to help other participants like you to excel in the Kenken Championship.
What this book contains?
This book discusses important strategies and practicing habits, that a champion follows to ace the Kenken competition. It also contains a few puzzles made by Aritro himself and a collection of his most favorite and challenging Kenken puzzles.
Here’s why you must have this book:
✅ Learn & implement important strategies from a Champion.
✅ Follow a winner’s practice approach
✅ Get some of the most challenging Puzzles curated by Aritro
✅ Get a roadmap for your success at KIC 2020

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