World Champion Book + 3 Books Combo(For Category 4,5,6)

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Introducing the Combo of 4 Books Package for Category 4,5,6.

The study material package includes the following championship practice books:
– World Champion Series by Aritro Chatterjee (Two Times world Champion)
– My Kenken Diary 6X6 (200 6X6 Puzzles of varying difficulty)
– Kenken Up Close 5X5 & 6×6 (200 5X5 & 6×6 Puzzles of medium to hard difficulty)
– Supercharged Kenken Mock Series 5X5 & 6×6 [Expert Level] (30 Advanced Mock Exam papes)

All the puzzles come with an answer key and a space to fill in the time taken to solve the puzzle so students can check their work and progress.

These are the official KIC 2020 practice materials and we highly recommend this package to those who are serious about their KIC 2020 practice.

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