Exclusive Kenken Classes (4 students/batch)

Every participant has different ways of approaching a Kenken puzzle, they are also at different stages of preparations for the School Level exam. So the Kenken Classes are designed to address each and every participant’s unique challenges. Our 4:1 student to teacher ratio ensures that each participant is instructed in a personalised way. We encourage students to come prepared with their questions, challenges or even specific puzzles that they are struggling in. Over the course of half an hour, we strive to eliminate all those questions and build their confidence up for the upcoming exam.

We recommend every student to attend at least one of our Kenken Classes for the School Level exam. This way not only will they get a sense of their own preparation level but also, learn essential tricks to solve these puzzles more effectively.

Address: M08, Grand Outlet – Al Khalafi Building, Beside Day To Day, Next to Burjuman Metro Station Exit-1

Location Map: https://goo.gl/maps/tSdUqHmdzv62

  • Price : AED 250
  • Date : 26th Apr, 2019
  • Time : 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM
  • Venue : Burjuman
  • Puzzle Size : 3x3, 4x4 & 5X5
  • Category : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Puzzle Size : 3x3, 4x4 & 5X5

Available Seat :4

Available Seat :4

Parent & participant Speak

  • Dr. Savitha Shetty

    "Good effort in improving children’s knowledge and skills"

  • Vishnu Manohar

    "Good training materials. Frequent Correspondence and overall hats of to the team behind the KENKEN for the motivation and encouragement they give to the kids. "

  • Manish Verma

    "It was well organised and very good learning for parents and kids. This kind of competition keep students ready for future tournaments and keep them motivated. "

  • Rekha Nair

    "Well organised and systematic. ..the puzzles sent online were very useful, and I was overwhelmed to get a call from his mentor asking me about my sons' progress and encouraging me to motivate him...overall..great teamwork from you guys. "

  • Alvin poly

    "Kenken has took the UAE by storm and now it's time you register."

  • Rokesswaran

    "It was nice, and the kenken team really did a great job. They treated every student nicely and answered them politely with manners. "

  • Nancy Castelino

    "My child really enjoyed the Emirates round. The mock puzzles provided by KenKen every week helped my ward to face the Emirates round without any nervousness, and the event was well organised. "

  • Matteo Pagnotta

    "This was a fantastic opportunity for children as they experienced the atmosphere in a competition. "

  • Dr. Anup Uboweja

    "It was very well organised and an excellent environment to see peers (students) from different nationalities coming together for the competition, a truly International feel. "

  • Mir Mohammed Raza

    "It was a great experience, everything was well organised, and the paper was a little bit challenging compared to the first round. "

  • Mina

    "My daughter Nashmia age 10 loves solving the kenken puzzles!She enjoyed both the rounds and is eagerly waiting for the results. "

  • JamiliaElGaddal

    "It was wonderful because we didn't expect to find such No of people and Nationalities. The venue (University )was crowded but full of different activities and promoters. "

  • Babitha Saleel

    "KIC is very interesting maths puzzle, help to enhance the thinking capabilities of the children. The event was well organised and spotless. "

  • SamyaChahin

    "The follow up by the organiser encouraged my son a lot. Kenken is an excellent opportunity for our kids. I would really love to see more similar events with the same quality. "

  • Edmond Peter

    "It was really wonderful, and the practice for test has improved my son's mental calculation ability."

  • Vishakha

    "My child had a thrilling and exciting time...right from the practice till this level. Way to go...applaud... "

  • Neha malik

    "It is a great platform and motivation for the child to enter the competitive world. "

  • Sriraman

    "Really good opportunity for children to improve life skills."

  • Shenba Vishwanath

    "It's a fun way to improve mathematics, and my son enjoys very much doing it. "

  • Praveen K Cherian

    "Such activities help children bring out their best. It was indeed a very refined approach to showcase their calculative mind and effectiveness in getting things done. "

  • Neha malik

    "It is a great platform and motivation for the child to enter the competitive world."

  • Sriraman

    "Really good opportunity for children to improve life skills."


It’s easy as A,B, and C, and only takes a few minutes, after which you’re officially ready to Kenken!

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