Combo of 3 Books Package (Category 1, 2 & 3)

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This is a combo of 3 books package which covers all the essential books required to practice for the Kenken International Championship 2019.

Books in this Combo Package are:

  1. Kenken Up Close 4×4 & 5×5 (200 4×4 & 5×5 Puzzles of medium to hard difficulty)
  2. Supercharged Kenken Mock Series 4×4 & 5×5
  3. Supercharged Kenken Mock Series 4×4 & 5×5 [Expert Level] (30 Advanced Mock Exam papes)

All the puzzles come with an answer key and a space to fill in the time taken to solve the puzzle so students can check their work and progress.

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It’s easy as A,B, and C, and only takes a few minutes, after which you’re officially ready to Kenken!

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