Evaluate Your Preparation for the National Competition

Introducing National Mock Test series, to help you analyse your preparation for the upcoming National round of KIC 2020. A series of online mock tests with carefully selected challenging puzzles as per your exam category and National round’s difficulty level.

Benefits of Mock-Test series:

Your success at the National Level depends upon your accuracy as well as your speed. You need consistent and timed practice everyday to improve your performance. These Online Mock Test series are designed to provide you with:

  • A replica of your actual online exam environment to help you get comfortable with the nervousness during the exam
  • Consistent practice with the right set of challenging puzzles as per your exam category
  • Each Mock- Test consist of 6 puzzles as per your exam pattern of the National Round
  • Detailed performance report on your solve-time and accuracy for each mock test
  • Summary of your attempted puzzles and the answer key to cross-check your mistakes
  • Option to print the tests and practice offline, as many times as you want
  • Adjust your practice goals with by tracking your Solve-Time and Accuracy over the series of mock tests

We have provided you with two options of Mock Test Series, Option A comes with 30 Mock Tests and Option B comes with 50 Mock Tests. You can choose any of them as per the time you can dedicate for your practice. However, we recommend that you practice at least three Mock-Test every day and hence go for the 50 Mock-Tests option. Each Mock- Test consists of 6 puzzles as per the difficulty pattern of your National Round exam.

How will I attend the Mock-Tests?

  • Once you purchase your mock test, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to access to your Mock-Tests Series from your Kenken Student Portal
  • You can attend these Mock-Tests Online on your portal at any time as per your convenience
  • Please note that you must use a laptop or tablet device to attempt your Mock-Tests

National Mock Test Series

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Terms of National Level Mock Tests:

  • Each Mock Test is 30 minutes long, you must complete your test to get the performance report.
  • Mock-Test series purchase will remain valid until the National round of KIC 2020.
  • Kenken National Mock- Test Series purchase is NOT REFUNDABLE.
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