Get Flexible Schedule & More Discount with Class Packs!

Kenken Class Packs give you the flexibility to book multiple classes in advance on a discounted fee and schedule it at your convenience anytime within the six months of the booking date.

Students who know the Kenken strategies already but struggle to apply it while solving the puzzles, and still use guesswork! Class packs are must for them to discuss their individuals doubts and get personalised guidance to improve their preparation for the competition.

Who should book Class Packs?

Participants who have attended a few Kenken classes earlier, and are familiar with the different strategies used in Kenken. And now wants to ensure that they are ahead of the pack, by getting personalised mentorship, working out their individual challenges and weak points, should sign up for class packs.

We recommend booking at least 5 class packs to cover all your doubts and get comprehensive feedback from the instructor about your progress.

Benefits of Class Packs

  • Discuss your own individual challenges and get personalised mentorship to improve your solve time and accuracy.
  • The small batch size and flexibility to schedule your classes as per your own preparation requirements.
  • Book multiple classes in advance and get up to 30% discount compared to single classes and schedule it at your convenience anytime within the six months of the booking date.

Note : Classes will be scheduled based on the mutual convenience. One of our KENKEN representative will give you a call to schedule the classes.

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  • Class Pack – Online
    Venue: Online
    Course Fee:AED 0.00

Terms of Kenken Class Packs:

  • All Kenken Classes are 75 minutes long.
  • Your Kenken Class Packs are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase
  • After booking a Kenken Class Pack you will be contacted by the Kenken Instructor to set a schedule for you as per your availability
  • Classes can be scheduled anytime between 11 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Kenken Class Pack purchase is NOT REFUNDABLE
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